"Looking UP!" started last year while enjoying an evening at a local restaurant, as I pondered whether ambient sound levels are actively managed. Looking upwards, I first noticed noise mitigation treatments, but then became even more enamored with the beauty of the patterns, textures, and shapes above.

And with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, this project may be documenting images that won't exist a year from now as small businesses struggle to survive. But being the eternal optimist, I'm hopeful that "things are looking up".

In this work I've attempted to be a bit more experimental. Rather than shooting with my high-end, gazillion pixel camera on a tripod, I wanted to be more spontaneous with a "shoot-from-the-hip" technique -- an iPhone placed on a table pointing upwards. Not sure of the exact results, I was still confident that I was going to find something unique and exciting.

If you are interested in acquiring this artwork for your collection, please contact me at your convenience. Each is available as a signed, limited-edition archival pigment print, approximately 12"x16" in print size (10 prints + 2AP).

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